Project Management Services – Request for Proposal

SMHC was constructed beginning in approximately 1968 and occupation began in 1971. Comprised of 380 units over 56 blocks, it is wood-framed construction with a combination of stucco and siding. Originally the roofing material was asphalt shingles, and these were covered over by aluminum shingles in 2010. Based on a Building Envelope Condition Assessment conducted by JRS Engineering, we are moving forward with a building envelope retrofit project.

As part of the project, Sarcee Meadows is seeking submissions from qualified Proponents to provide Project Management Services for the proposed Building Envelope Retrofit Project. We have issued the attached RFP to identify and select a firm with the capability and expertise to manage the project through all its phases.

  • Part 1 of this RFP describes the RFP Process and sets out general requirements and expectations.
  • Part 2 of this RFP sets out the Business Requirements, which contain more detailed requirements regarding the services and products sought by SMHC under this RFP.
  • Part 3 of this RFP sets out Proposal Format and content requirements, which all Proponents are expected to adhere to in preparing their Proposal.

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Project Management Services Request for Proposal Documentation

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