In 1968 the Founding Members of Sarcee Meadows set down the OBJECTIVES as part of our MEMORANDUM OF ASSOCIATION. The Objectives should be considered our strong belief about what is right, important and necessary in any given situation. They should influence our decisions, behavior, and the direction we should go in the Co-operative. We should apply them to ourselves, our decision making, and our work in Sarcee Meadows.

THE OBJECTIVES for which the Association was formed are:

  •  to provide, on a co-operative basis, affordable and quality housing and services and facilities ancillary thereto to persons – the majority of whom are Members of the Association and who will occupy the housing units otherwise then as owners;
  •  to develop a community environment which will support human development and growth both as individuals and as members of responsible communities;
  •  to provide an opportunity, on a co-operative basis, to maintain control over their living environment through democratic participation in all aspects of their housing and services and facilities ancillary thereto;
  •  to provide for ongoing education of the membership, officers, and employees of the Association, and the general public in the principles of co-operative development and organization;
  •  to promote and encourage co-operation with Co-operative Associations at the local, national, and international level.

In addition, the next clause goes on to state that if there is a problem with the explanation of these objectives, the interpretation should widen them, rather than restrict them.