Furnace Scams in the Area


Scam # 1: As you may or may not know, as part of maintaining the warranty on our new furnaces, SMHC has hired a company to clean all of the furnace ducts in all of the units.  This is being covered by SMHC which means THERE IS NO ADDITIONAL COST TO THE MEMBERS – THIS IS COVERED IN YOUR HOUSING CHARGES!

We have recently heard that another duct cleaning company is now contacting our members, possibly misrepresenting themselves to give the impression that they are the company we have hired, and they are asking for money!  THIS IS NOT THE COMPANY WE HIRED, DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY MONEY!!

When it is your turn to have your ducts cleaned you will ONLY be contacted by SMHC personnel, most likely Mike Read, to schedule your day and on the day of the cleaning you will be contacted by Jerry, the duct cleaner himself, to verify a time. YOU WILL NOT BE ASKED FOR ANY MONEY!!!

If you receive a call from any duct cleaning company without having first been contacted by SMHC, or if they ask for money please do not listen to them.  If you are unsure do not hesitate to contact the office with further questions or concerns.

Scam # 2: Not long ago a warning was issued in the news regarding companies that are going door to door, claiming to be some sort of inspector, and demanding to look at your furnace.  They then proceed to claim that your furnace needs to be condemned and they try to sell you a new one.  We have had at least one member who has had these people come to their door!!

The ongoing project of replacing furnaces in SMHC is now complete and all 380 units in SMHC have now had their furnaces replaced.  While our new furnaces will have regular inspections done on them, these inspections will ONLY be done by personnel from the original company that installed them and these inspections will be scheduled in advance by SMHC.  When your furnace is due for inspection you will receive a letter from SMHC indicating your scheduled day.

If anybody comes to your door regarding furnaces, and you have not previously been contacted by SMHC DO NOT LET THEM IN AND CALL THE OFFICE RIGHT AWAY!!  Even if you are not sure and think they might be legitimate do not be afraid to make them wait while you contact the office to verify that you have been scheduled for an inspection.  In the interest of your protection the company we hired will not be offended by this.  Again, do not hesitate to call the office with any further questions or concerns.

Check out the link below for more information from Global News:

Door-to-door furnace scam reported in Alberta 

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