Board of Directors Report

Newsletter Report – November 2021


Hello from your Board of Directors!  We would like to thank all members for your participation in last month’s Members Meeting.  Strong communities are built on informed and engaged residents, and we are grateful for your input.

Thank you also for your respect as we opened the meeting with our first land acknowledgment.  Making a land acknowledgment is a small but important first step towards reconciliation between the indigenous communities who lived here for over ten thousand years before European contact and the settler communities that displaced and disrupted their ways of life.  We intend for this to be a starting point from which Sarcee Meadows can build a more conscientious and open community.

To further that goal, the Board of Directors has moved to form a task force dedicated to improving the cultural diversity in SMHC’s Board of Directors and committees – keep your eyes open for more information on that to come and contact the office if you are interested in joining!  We welcome and encourage members of all backgrounds to join.

Finally, as the weather turns colder, we would like to remind members to turn off your external water taps before the snow arrives!

Thank you all, and we’ll see you in December!

Respectfully submitted by Megan Jovie on behalf of the Board of Directors