Board of Directors Report


First of all, we wish to say thank you to all of the members who attended the June General Members Meeting.  The opportunity to be involved and have your voice heard is a wonderful privilege of living in a housing cooperative!  We were so impressed with the number of people that came forward to have their questions and concerns heard.  This is Democracy at its best.  The Co-operative democratic process does not fail-we must always put our trust in it.  We had 161 units represented.

We have lots of volunteer opportunities: If you are interested in helping with any of the below volunteer opportunities please contact Janine at the office and she will point you in the right direction janine@sarceemeadows.coop

Culture Event August 19: we need lots of volunteers to help this event run smoothly.  Also if you like to take pictures we could sure use your help to capture this wonderful event.

Painting curbs and parking lot bumpers:  As you may have noticed the yellow paint on the curbs and parking lot bumps are faded.  We could sure use your help brightening up our parking lots.  A great opportunity for youth to get involved and keep busy during the summer months.  A great way to have a sense of pride and ownership.

H Garden:  If you are interested in helping to maintain the H Garden that Marla used to look after for us we would really appreciate your help.  If you are interested in signing up for one day a week that would be great.  If you are looking for a way to relax and get out into the fresh air just pop on by any time and pull a weed or two.  Any and all help is appreciated.

History of Sarcee Meadows:  This hasn’t been updated in our handbooks since 2008 and we really want to rectify that.  If you are interested in helping Clara Galvan, Arturo Gutierrez and Judy Silzer fill in the blanks from 2009 to 2017 that would be wonderful.  We have all of the newsletters from that time period in the office and that could be a great source to pull tidbits of information from.  We are just looking for the highlights from each year.

Committees:   We are looking for additional members for the following committees.  Finance / Membership / Grievance.   If you are interested in joining any of these committees please stop by the office and pick up an application form and return it by September 15th.   You will be notified after the Board meeting in September 27th if your application was selected.

Playground Sub-Committee – Our playgrounds are starting to look a little rough around the edges so we are going to restart this committee and get to work to fix them up.  If you are interested in joining this committee in the fall, please contact Janine in the office for more information.

Speed limit 15km:  Just a reminder everyone to please slowdown in our parking lots.  School is out and our kids, our maintenance staff and Green Dream are all out and about.  Please be careful and respectful.

Goldeye Conference – SACHA / NACHA – The 29th Annual Goldeye Conference is being held at the Goldeye Conference Centre in Nordegg, AB in September.  We encourage members who are interested in attending to submit a letter to the Board by July 31st, so that we may approve the funding.

Canada’s 150 Year Anniversary – Who’s ready to Celebrate Canada’s 150 Year Anniversary!!!  The Entertainment and Social Events Committee have been working hard to bring you lots of opportunity to get out and celebrate right here at home all summer long.

July 8, Saturday – SMHC Adult Social

July 15, Saturday – SMHC Stampede Breakfast

August 13, Sunday – SMHC CSI Social

August 19, Saturday – SMHC Annual BBQ and Cultural Event

Random Acts of Kindness – notes from our members.  It only takes a minute of your time to recognize a kindness.  We have so many neighbours helping each other out and we would like to acknowledge them.  We can only do that with your input, so please send us a note to janine@sarceemeadows.coop or drop a note off to the office.

Have a fun and Safe Summer!!!!!


SMHC Board of Directors