Board of Directors Report


The Lilacs are blooming, along with some Maydays.  It sure smells nice around the co-op, well by my house anyway.  Summer will be here again before we know it.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Big Budget Meeting in May.  The results of that will come in your meeting package for the June 20th general meeting.

I reported in February that we should be only months away from completing our capital plan.  I certainly do not take pleasure in reporting to you now that it will be later than we expected.  We need to zero in on what major replacements are needed and when they are needed.  To do this we need more information; more studies.  Luckily for us, the Federal Government has introduced the National Housing Strategy that includes a grant program for these kinds of studies.  We recently submitted our application.  We hope to hear from them in the summer.  The expectation is that most of the cost of the studies will be paid by the grant.  CMHC (Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp.) is delivering the program to Canadians.  There is help for ‘Community’ housing which includes housing co-ops.  We may not qualify for all the programs but we hope to take advantage of the urgent repair stream.  To learn more about the National Housing Strategy go to:

Happy Father’s Day to all.  See you at the general meeting on June 20th.

Respectfully submitted by Joanne Mick on behalf of the SMHC Board of Directors.