Board of Directors Report



The beautiful fall season is upon us and many things are happening both here in Sarcee Meadows and in the larger communities of Glamorgan and Rutland Park.  We encourage you to check out our Facebook Page (www.facebook.com/sarceemeadows) or our Website (www.sarceemeadows.coop) for up to date details about local events.  You may also like to sign up for email notifications directly from the Community Associations.  One important event here at SMHC is the Members Meeting on Saturday, October 17 (registration at 9:30AM).  Please remember that your presence, your opinion and your vote are all privileges of co-operative living and the health of our community depends on your participation.   We also, as Canadians, have the privilege of participating in the governance of our country, so make sure to get out and vote on October 19 for the Federal Election.

An important issue for SMHC that has once again come to the attention of the membership and the Board of Directors is that of security within our community.  As happens occasionally, we have had a rash of vandalism and vehicle break-ins in the last few months.  We want to remind the membership to take sensible precautions – lock your vehicles and don’t let your belongings be a tempting target.  It is also very important that you report these issues to the Police (the non-emergency number is 403-266-1234) as well as the office.  The police will allocate resources to areas where a pattern is apparent; this does not happen unless crimes – even minor ones – are reported.  Because there are a variety of possible ways that we could help to combat this issue and we believe that it needs adequate time and attention, the Board will be setting up a Security Task Force to research the problems and suggest the best solutions.  If you would be willing to volunteer on this project, please contact the office.

We are also calling on volunteers to step up and join the Property Enhancement Committee and the Lobbying Committee.  We encourage you to contact the office for more information about these two important opportunities.

A Happy Thanksgiving to each member – we have much to be thankful for, living in this great community!  Lastly, please help to ensure that our members all have a safe and happy Halloween on October 31st.  Don’t forget to stop for a visit behind B50 that night for treats and activities.


SMHC Board of Directors