Author: Sarcee Meadows


Waste, Recycling, Organics Disposal Information Session

This Thursday our T & T Disposal representative, Katy, is going to be answering all your waste, recycling, and organics questions. DATE: Thursday, October 22, 2020 TIME: 3:00pm – 4:00pm LOCATION: Rutland Community Centre Main Hall Capacity is 33 people. If we exceed that we will schedule another session.


Membership Update October 6, 2020

Hello Members, I wanted to share our plan for Arbor clearances this winter. Clearances include trimming trees back from houses, roofs, gutters, and sidewalks. We have a budget for approximately 1 hour per unit. This will vary, as some will be done quicker, and some will take longer. We also must budget for the removal […]



All SMHC cotoneaster hedges are being rejuvenated. This means they are being cut down to the base. This is to remove Oyster Scale Disease that has spread throughout our complex. You can expect your Cotoneaster hedge to regrow up to three feet tall within the year. If you require temporary fencing please come see the […]



We are experiencing significant and serious plumbing issues with a high cost to Sarcee Meadows. The ONLY thing you can flush is toilet paper. DO NOT FLUSH: Kleenex Flushable wipes are NOT Flushable Paper towel Disinfecting Wipes Kitty Litter Feminine Hygiene Products Disposal Masks Diapers Clothing Thank you for your cooperation with these matters.


Membership Update September 7, 2020

Hello Members, I hope everyone is keeping well and healthy. Summer is coming to a close, mornings are getting chilly, and the leaves are beginning to turn. Children are returning to school, in both conventional and unconventional ways. At SMHC we are moving from summer maintenance to fall and winter preparation. ARBOR UPDATES: Priority Arbor […]


Membership Update June 18, 2020

Annual Member Information Update Form: Reminder these are due June 26, 2020. Failure to submit your form by this date will result in a $50 fine. If you require a new form, please ask at the office. Non-Emergency Work Orders: To align with the provinces’ phase 2 of re-opening, we have resumed regular work orders. From January […]


Membership Update June 1, 2020

For those parents who are homeschooling, you are in the final stretch, well done! Annual Member Information Update Form: Reminder these are due June 26, 2020. Failure to submit your form by this date will result in a $50 fine. If you require a new form, please ask the office. Non-Emergency Work Orders: We are preparing to […]


Committee Updates

The Education & Involvement Committee is taking a break until the fall. All meetings and workshops, including the Joint Meeting of Committee Chairs and the New Member Education Workshop, are on hold until further notice. The Entertainment & Social Events Committee is meeting via GoToMeeting. They are currently looking into various options for Volunteer Appreciation since the […]



Aligning with the City of Calgary, SMHC playgrounds are re-open as of June 1. We took down the tape and wiped the playgrounds down on Monday, June 1. It is your responsibility to ensure proper social distancing, sanitizing hands, and washing hands before and after playground use.


SMHC Events and COVID19

With the current restrictions on mass gatherings in place to help prevent the spread of COVID19 all planned SMHC Events are temporarily on hold. As disappointing as this is, it is necessary for the safety of all our members, residents, and staff. As the situation changes we will keep members updated on future events when […]