Committee Chairpersons


C.S.I. (Co-op Seniors Interest)

Education and Involvement


Entertainment & Social Events


Governance & HR

Governmental Elections Information




Property Maintenance

Kathy Aubichon

Kathleen Powell / Garry Sluiter

Marie Forester

Abby Way

Christine Langford

Rebecca Breland

Astrid Deslandes

Kaitlin Adair


Wendy Thomson / Margaret Van der Meer

Al Wright


Board Members:


Krystal Dafoe, Chair

Kelly Edwards, Vice Chair

Jeremy Hart, Treasurer

Megan Jovie, Corporate Secretary

Rebecca Breland

Musu Dadi

Azhar Manzoor

Chris Severson-Baker

Wendy Wilson


SMHC Staff Phone Extensions & Email


Jon Jackson, General Manager ext. 105

Mike Read, Maintenance Manager ext. 108

Jon Van Camp, Assistant Maintenance Manager ext. 209

Paula Simmons, Property Services and Office Coordinator ext. 101 or 103

Janine Bell, Committee & Volunteer Coordinator ext. 102

Cathy Swift, Financial Services Coordinator ext. 104

Graham Lundquist, Plumbing ext. 201

Brad Gouin, HVAC ext. 202

Eric Glanfield, Carpentry ext. 203

Josh Scott, Plumbing ext. 205

Jeff Leitch, Carpentry ext. 207


Privacy Officers: Jon Jackson and Kelly Edwards


Updated April 2024