Help Save Richmond Green!

Over the last few months, City Council has made a number of decisions and directions to City administration about the future of Richmond Green Park.  In November 2020, Council also voted to designate approximately 1.15 million dollars to ascertain ANY/ALL parts of the Richmond Green Park (including the golf course) that could be sold for development, in addition to the baseball diamonds.  On top of a huge loss in green space and recreation areas for our community, it is being done before the needs assessment for Richmond Green is completed.

Our friends at Rutland Park Community Association have begun a letter-writing campaign to City Council and we would encourage you to write a letter as well.  Given the short timeframes we are working with I would highly encourage you to email your thoughts versus traditional mail.

For a list of the Mayor’s and Council’s email addresses please visit:

As well you can find a copy of the letter Rutland Park Community Association has sent to council here:

RPCA Letter to Council Re: Richmond Green

Jon Jackson

General Manager

Sarcee Meadows Housing Co-operative Ltd.

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