Messages from the Office

December 3, 2020

Arbor Update:

Clearances in Sections A and B have now been completed – thank you Tom!

Staff Updates:

Please join me in congratulating Graham Lundquist on 35 years of dedicated service and Eric Glanfield on 10 years of dedicated service.


A reminder that Alberta is still under enhanced restrictions. While much information is shared on social media please use the Alberta government site as the only source of truth:

At Sarcee Meadows we have encountered incidents of individuals attempting to ‘police’ this situation. Unkind notes have been left on cars and we ask that this please stop. If you have a concern, the appropriate way to report it is to call 311 so that officials can investigate and handle it professionally.

Leaving notes on cars only divides us as a community and now, more than ever, we need to be united and supportive of one another.

Please take good care of one another and find new and unique ways to make memories and share the holiday season together.

Best wishes,

Lee-Ann Bainbridge,

General Manager

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