Recent Crimes in Calgary

Many of our members have expressed concerns lately about what appears to be a growing crime rate in our neighbourhood.  In an effort to put the minds of our residents at ease, while not making light of a serious situation, we’d like to provide some details to perhaps put things in a different perspective.

One thing to remember is that while many incidents may have been occurring in Sarcee Meadows over the years, we are only recently having more members report these incidents to us at the office.  We also have only recently been in a position where we can report these incidents back to the rest of our members via social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and our website.  Crime rates have in fact increased dramatically all over the City of Calgary compared to last year, possibly due to the recent downturn in the economy.  While the upward trend is certainly very scary, Rutland Park is still reporting fewer crimes compared to other areas of the city, including our neighbouring communities.

The Calgary Police Service website has a Crime Map app that allows you to see the numbers of violations reported in specific areas.  You can change which violations it shows, the time frame, and choose a specific community to be shown.  It also provides the total number of violations found for every search.  We did a search for Rutland Park, as well as our nearest neighbour communities, for the last six months.  We included all the possible violations in each search and these are the numbers that came back:

  • Rutland Park – 36 violations
  • Lincoln Park – 43 violations
  • Lakeview – 53 violations
  • Glamorgan – 110 violations
  • Glenbrook – 136 violations
  • Killarney / Glengarry – 162 violations

Seeing these comparisons may help to put our minds at ease that things could be a lot worse in our community.  Having said that, the fact is we do still have a small problem with the growing crime in our community and by no means should we let our guard down.  We strongly urge our members to continue to be diligent and be aware of our surroundings.  If you see anything suspicious, please call the police!  If you have been the victim of a crime – bike thefts, car break-ins, cars being keyed (vandalism), being threatened with a weapon, etc. – please, please, please call the police!  If you have any information that may help identify any suspects in these incidents, please call the police.  The Calgary Police Service are here to help us, but they cannot help us if they are not aware of the problems.

Let’s continue to work together to keep our community safe for many generations to come.

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