Membership Update May 14, 2020


Welcome to our first electronic message! Due to the importance of this message it was also delivered via paper. For future notices, if you only received this by paper and want to make the change to email, call the office and update us with all shareholders email addresses for your unit!

Subsidy Reminder: Given the extension by the federal government to file taxes, anyone on subsidy at this time, will have until June 12th, 2020 to submit your tax information. Any changes will be processed for July 1st, 2020.

COVID-19 Update: As the province prepares and moves into a phased reopening of business we continue to assess operations here at SMHC. At phase 1 we will begin letting members into the office again. We ask that you please respect social distancing and adhere to the following process:

  • Please restrict visits to the office for mandatory coop business only please. No social calls at this time.
  • Please only send 1 member to the office at a time.
  • We will only allow 1 non-staff member in the administration area at a time. If you open the door and see another member please respectfully wait outside until that person’s business is complete and they have left.
  • We will have hand sanitizer at the door and ask that if you need to pass us something please use it.
  • If you are dropping something off, please continue to use the night drop box.
  • If you can call or email instead of coming to the office, please do so.
  • At this time, we will continue only completing emergency work orders and outdoor work that adheres to social distancing.
  • We will continue to monitor the situation and adjust as necessary.

Landscaping: We recognize that there have been some growing pains with the new landscape provider, we are communicating with them and setting the expectations. We did engage in a thorough RFP process which resulted in over $100,000 savings. I feel confident that with some communication we can get Signature working at a level that is acceptable to us without compromising the quality of the landscaping throughout the complex.

Compost/Yard Waste: Recognizing that it is spring cleaning season we have increased the pickup of compost. For the next two weeks compost will be collected three times week to manage the overflow. Please be respectful and put your compost/yard waste in a bin or wait until one has space rather than making piles in the parking lots.

Waste/Big Bin: The big bin is coming for May long weekend! We are replacing the 20 yard bin at B50 with a 40 yard bin, starting May long weekend for 2 weeks. This is the time to dispose of large items including furniture and other household items. Please note metals and appliances CANNOT go in the bin. Please place them aside. Staff are not authorized to assist members in carrying/transporting heavy objects, please make your own arrangements. 

Parking lot clean up: It is also that time of year for parking lot clean up. Signature landscaping will be cleaning the lots on May 27 and 28. Attached is the notice of when the lots need to be emptied. Failure to move your vehicle on the requested day will result in a $50 fine. 

Maintenance: Starting May 19th, 2020 chimney repairs are beginning across the complex. You can expect a notice if we require access to your unit. We are also completing eaves trough cleaning and exterior patching at this time.

Rutland Park: We have received a complaint from our neighbour, the Rutland Park Community Association, that Sarcee Meadows members have been disposing of trash at Rutland Park Community Centre. They have addressed some individuals but the behaviour has not stopped. They would prefer to handle this directly but with no change they are going to consider involving the Calgary Police department if necessary. Please respect our neighbours and do not use their waste bins.

SMHC website: The office team has been working hard to get the Sarcee Meadows website up to date: We’ve been working to update the members resources section, specifically the policies and procedures so that you can refer to the website with confidence that you are looking at the most recent versions. These messages are also going to be posted on the General Manager’s update page:

Members Meeting and Budget Planning:  Typically, at this time of year we would be moving into a budget cycle. We have begun preparing as we normally would, however given the current situation, we are strategizing on how and when we will be able to engage the membership. We have reached out to committee chairs electronically in the meantime. We will continue to keep you updated.

Committee Meetings: We have piloted GoToMeeting at a few committee meetings with good success. We will continue to use this technology so that committees can keep meeting. Entertainment Committee will be dropping off Easter Treats to seniors and children 14 and under. Please expect a treat in the coming days/weeks!

Board Meetings: The Board continues to meet as scheduled also using GoToMeeting.

A note from the Board: The Hiring Committee has begun the search for a new General Manager.  The job posting is now on our website: Have a look. The Board has engaged About Staffing a recruitment firm to assist with the search.

Hope to see you soon!


Lee-Ann Bainbridge

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